I Just Think It’s Funny How: A Rant



One day I will get passed my “I just think it’s funny how” moments when it comes to men…

But today is NOT that day. I’ve been dragged through the mud mentally by these men who purposely take advantage of my horniness and mood instability. Granted I contacted some of them first, but I just don’t feel like that’s the point because it’s more about how they repeatedly see me bothered by their actions and refuse to do anything about it. But I “allow” them to do these things simply by continually putting myself in a situation where these type of things can occur. I can acknowledge that. I’m not an idiot.

But still…why can’t I hold them accountable for the shitty way their actions cause me to feel? Where do I put this pain? My ignored texts, these empty promises they have given me. where do I put the frustration? I decided to put it in this blog post instead of stuffing it an inbox of a man that doesn’t give a shit about me anyways. I hope this is a step in the right direction.


suicidal love note

if I end up dead…
that’s okay.

I wasn’t having much of a fun time anyways.

my bones grow tired, my mind grows listless.

I have no focus because I’ve lost my vision.

this tension that that grows
from my spine to my toes

has been putting quite a hump in the backside of my psyche.
it has frightened me.

 since the moment god spited me
and smited me,

forcing me

to take






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