Why Contacting Your Ex Is A Form of Self Harm


why contacting your ex is a form of self harm in four bullet points:

  • It’s a coping mechanism.  A poor coping mechanism that will end up setting you back in the healing process if you are trying to disconnect from this person.
  • The short lived satisfaction from contacting them doesn’t last because the enjoyment you get from interacting with them is unhealthy and will leave quickly.
  • Remember, they aren’t there to help you. If they were they probably wouldn’t be your ex.
  • The urge to speak to them is just as unhealthy as an urge to abuse yourself. Learn how to ignore it, and find an alternative strategy to combatting loneliness. Try self-care.


THISSSSSnigga was going around fucking 14 year olds fresh outta HS, fresh out the clinic with antibiotics in hand, fresh outta the suburbs knocking a bum faced bitch up and got the nerve to ignore me..


I’m pissed.

don’t worry. these ranting ass posts wont be prevalent, but tonight I’ve gotta bone to pick.

I just don’t understand how you can string along a person for 10 years.. granted.. i was holding on to the string playing w it w my fingers if you will.. and asa soon as i try to make a real effort in being honest … TEN YRS LATER.. this ho suddenly blocks me on social media and ignores my calls.

I’m better than that. I’m just better than that, and I don’t get where the fuck he gets off. I also don’t get how toying with someone’s emotions can be so easy. I’m lying yes I do, Ive done it, I know how it feels so I know how to make people feel that way.. but still. why waste yr time convincing someone that you want them .. for fucking .. what

I’m done fucking fine men with track records, I’m fucking done!!!!!


“whts that scent yr wearing?” “mental illness”

I don’t think any particular event is more terrible than another. It’s how we handle them as humans that makes it terrible. Animals don’t experience the same events we do.

There’s hella shit unique to the “human” experience. Think about it.

Loss. Death. Divorce. Breaking up. Murder, even. All these events are extremely fucking terrible to humans because of the consequences we face. People will have to deal with loss. People will have to fork over money, time and energy… people will have to do all these things that overall will not make them happy which is why we hate it when these events happen.. we don’t want to be sad. We alll wanna be happy, right? So, why do we put such a small influence on mental health when essentially that’s all we care about?


We start to equate mental health to having lots of money, and children, and a big house with a picket fence and a person that loves them by there side for eternity… WITHOUT even realizing it. If you know WHY you’re going after what you’re going after by all means, do it up!

BUT a lot of people don’t understand that maintaining mental health has to do with our wants & desires. The scenario with the house, marriage, and children is a pretty generic situation, but you get my gist.

When we can’t get the things we want, we become sad and frustrated.


We become stagnant which causes immediate deterioration to the human psyche. You can have NO mental pre dispositions (addiction, depression, anxiety) & still ‘contract’ any of these mental disorders/diseases.

That should show you how easy anyone’s mental health can become poor.  If you simply can’t get the things you want, mental health can become unstable. People don’t understand how everyday “ordinary” human beings could become depressed, manic, psychotic, etc, so they stigmatize and act frightened at the sight of it, even when they experience it themselves. It’s such an abnormal thing to imagine for some people. But the reality of it is, it could happen to ordinary people, celebs, your mother, and you.

‘ru a freak lol’

What exactly does it mean to be “freaky”? The first assumption is that it started off with plain old missionary sex then the world magically got corrupted but this isn’t the first chapter of the bible and my name isn’t God. It’s Jesus. But anyways, there still seems to be certain sex acts and fetishes that have gotten popularized in recent years.a1226192416_10.jpg10747756_318387015033312_589487800_n.jpg

Spitting for example, particularly in the mouth, has been romanticized on twitter as a very hot and sexy act. If you like when someone directly spits in your mouth I think it’s safe to say you’re a freaky bitch, and if you’re a dude who likes to spit in women’s mouths, you’re a freaky bitch too. Spit flying places besides during kissing is pretty hot, I’m not gonna lie. As for the ass eating, it’s become so mainstream at this point, unless you’re a childish ass bitch, it’s not THAT freaky. For my vanilla babes, this would be considered very freaky, but honestly, it’s not that out of the ordinary. Spanking, choking and bondage are definitely some freaky shit, generally associated with BDSM acts, although a lot of people front on social media and claim an interest in extreme bondage and whips and tings, because being into BDSM has become popularized due to the attention the BDSM community gets on the internet.


Conclusion? Most people who enjoy the fuck out of sex are going to be considered at least little freaky because they have their own little kinks & interests that may seem deviant…but if sex isn’t deviant, you’re fucking doing it wrong.



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